Daily Archives: January 29th, 2006

So, so much tennis – and sport in general

Mum came over last week for the Aud Open – it’s the third time, so I think that counts as a tradition. The first time we did it, she looked at me incredulously and asked why we’d never done it before (mostly because I’d always gone home for summer, of course). For the first time we went to a night at Rod Laver… Mum wasn’t a huge fan. Thought it was a very different crowd – lots of after-workers, many of whom were drinking. We saw Hingis smash Zvonerava (?), and sadly we watched the Pou get beaten by Grosjean. Actually, I think it was more like Pou losing than Grosjean winning, although Mum claims this was because Grosjean was too good.

Mum is the fan. I don’t mind watching tennis, but it is infinitely more fun for me with other people around.

We went to two days – one at Rod Laver, one at Vodafone. It was ok; not the best tennis we’ve seen, but good. We saw Sam Stozer win in the second round, which was great – that same day we went outside and watched Healy win, which was also good. Entertaining mostly because Healy’s brother and some drunken mates were in front of us, and they were very loud. We saw some other ok stuff, but generally it was just that – ok.

Right now, though, I am watching Baghdatis trying to take down Federer in the final. I watched B’s semi – truly nail-biting. He’s a legend; at least, he will certainly become one, for the next while, probably despite what happens tonight. If he so much as wins a set I imagine he will make a whole heap of little Cypriot, and little Greek, kiddies start playing the game (as happened in Argentina [which I realise the other day must have silver somewhere…] thanks to… whatever his name in the late 70s/early 80s), which is all good.

Federer has just broken back…

I have watched more sport in the last two weeks than in the previous – I don’t know – 6 months or something. Tennis, cricket… and the winter Olympics soon – I do love a bit of that. And of course the swimming trials. But the Commonwealth Games? Pft. I’m leaving town.