Daily Archives: June 3rd, 2006


We saw this on the opening night.  I really liked it.  J was quite dismissive.

I liked the changes in Jean Grey/Phoenix – I thought they worked, and they were explained appropriately.  I thought it made for a great story, personally.

I liked the storyline as a whole; I thought it made sense, and it worked.  Rogue made sense, Magneto made sense… there were some very clever twists and turns, which were indeed unexpected and clever and made the storyline very interesting indeed.

I don’t really see what J’s problem with it was.  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that he fell aseep for a while in the middle…

BBC History

I bought the March edition of this magazine a couple of weeks ago – see how far behind we are? – and it was good.  At last I have an understanding of where William and Mary and Anne fit in, and where, and why!  Hurrah.  Also had quite an interesting look at Mary, and exactly how bloody she actually was in terms of prosecuting Protestants.  Fairly, I think; but she wasn’t as bad as we still think, which seems to be mostly based on Foxe’s Book of Martyrs.  Mmm, propaganda.

Disney films I should own

I’ve been thinking about this for a while.  I think there are some classics that I really would like to own.

1.  The Jungle Book

2.  Aladdin (Look at this!  So ticked off that I’m molting…)

3.  Robin Hood (he’s so handsome… just like his reward poster)

4.  Fern Gully (so, not Disney, but eh; Batty Coda rocks!)

I think that’s all.