Daily Archives: June 22nd, 2006

Holy Warriors

I just re-watched the first in this doco series, to make up a question sheet for school.  The thing that really, really struck me this time, in terms of the visuals, was the colours. Jerusalem and surrounds is sand, sun, and orange.  England (what little is shown) is rainy, never sees the sun and is very, very blue.  Veeeery interesting.

And Richard is almost always shown in full armour, except when he is sick, and they show lots of him hacking people up and generally brooding. Saladin gets to be in armour and civvies, tours victorious battle sites, etc.  This may just be a reflection of the fact that this first one is really mostly about Saladin, I guess, and re-taking Jerusalem.  They do both get shown worshipping, which in a show called “Holy Warriors” is just as well…