Daily Archives: August 27th, 2006

Colonel Jack

“You ended that sentence with a preposition… you _bastard_!”

As with Carter – I _knew_ there was a reason I liked Jack…

Poor littleĀ Pluto!

‘Little’ being the operative word here, I guess… I will have to go into the classroom and put a stickie over Pluto on the class poster.

Still, it’s quite useful to have a working definition of what a planet actually is. And I guess it’s useful to know what a dwarf planet is, too, for whenever we happen to come across them in other systems….

The Zoo

Went to the zoo today, for the first time in absolutely ages. It was great fun. We saw:
Meerkats. So cute. Enouh said.
Elephants. I love elephants. One of them was throwing dust on itself.
Pygmy hippo. If I believed in reincarnation, I’d come back as one.
No tigers.
Gorillas, asleep.
Froggies. Little dainty froggies!
Giraffes. With a baby.
Fairy – I mean, Little – Penguins. They’re cute too.
Tortoises. Little ones! So cute!

And… some other animals, some of whom were worthwhile, some of whom were boring.