Daily Archives: August 19th, 2006


Well, it started off ok, but seriously, this movie has a really quite boring end. It was disappointing. Paul Bettany was great, but just wasn’t done justice. And three things really annoyed me:
1. The blue screens, while people were driving, were shocking.
2. They could use the interweb while driving. I want that technology, but I am not convinced that it is available yet, or at least not readily available.
3. The car exploded with almost no reason to. Pft.

Potentially disastrous

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. I have just installed Warcraft III…

I am not a cyclist

Today I bought a cycling jacket. It has sleeves that zip off – just one zip, which is very cool; starts at one shoulder, goes under the arm and across the back and around the other arm. But it’s red. Anyway, it should be useful. Warm. And rain-proof.

But there’s no way I will ever get cleats.

New Books

Mmmm, Readings’ Bargain Books. Bought three books today: Isabella, She-Wolf of France, by Alison Weir (not academic, but bound to be an interesting read); The Speckled Monster, about immunising against smallpox; and a book about Walter Raleigh, by a dude called Raleigh Trevalyan, apparently because he is a distant relative. Should be a great deal of fun.

SimonĀ Green

YAY for Simon Green. Seriously – YAY. I’ve just re-read Blue Moon Rising, and Beyond the Blue Moon. There’s a scene in the latter where there are a number of heroes fighting against overwhelming odds (of course), and I realised that it was really quite a lot like the scenes with Owen Deathstalker et al fighting a bunch of baddies. He really is a big fan of the group fight thing, with all of them bringing individual skills and so on. And Hawk and Fisher have a lot in common with Owen and Hazel. Hmm… I might have to read Deathstalker again… but probably not soon. I don’t think I could stand having to go through that again quite so soon.

Yay for Simon Green.