So you think we have religious tolerance?

Ha! If you’re a Christian, we are increasingly being stamped on. I say this after seeing a piece on a woman who worked for BA who got sent on unpaid leave for refusing to remove a small cross on a necklace. I still uphold that this is because Christianity is associated with white, male, colonialism (because everyone forgets that it started in the Middle East, not in England), all of which are naturally ‘bad’. Of course, Muslims and Sikhs and other religions are also being subject to intolerance; it’s just a bit more remarkable, and also less reported, that Christians face any at all.

I think about the only people who don’t get active persecution in the West are atheists and agnostics. I guess they too suffer a bit in countries that are as a whole more overtly religious… and yes, I guess I am thinking here mostly of Muslim countries, since those are the ones we here about. I wonder how an atheist gets on in India? or Mexico?

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