More ARIAs

Youth Group: up there with Augie March with Radiohead as whiney little boys (although not so little, since Youth Group has been around for 9 years…).

I quite like “Flaunt it,” by TV Rock, so I’m glad they just won their second ARIA. Particularly as they beat out three Idol dudes. Mahaha.

Axle Whitehead on the ARIAs… such a long way from college.

Human Nature wins Highest Selling Album with Motown… leads to two things: 1. Can’t stand Human Nature, but they do this sound quite good, although definitely white (and the pink shirts are just bad); 2. Mothers’ Day. That’s why they won this section. OOH – one of them just said he was gay! Basically. How fabulous that this is now accepted on Channel Ten.

Can’t wait for Silverchair… can’t believe they weren’t one of the highlights of the advertising campaign… maybe they were and I missed it.

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