Daily Archives: August 6th, 2007

Birthday present

I got one last week.

My birthday is in October.

This present is from the same lovely friend who once told me in April that she knew what she was getting me for my birthday. So that I don’t forget, it’s currently strung up – literally – and hanging from a rafter in the kitchen.

My favourite part of this whole story is that she’s originally written “warning – birthday present – if opened before Oct 5 will self-destruct.” She’s then reconsidered, realised the Australia we live in, and changed ‘self-destruct’ to ‘be null and void’.

And yes, I have copped a feel of the thing. It’s a book of some sort; has a hard cover; but also has something else in there, which could be part of the front cover – it feels oddly like pipe cleaners. Whatever it is, I know it will be fantastic. B doesn’t give bad presents ever.


Or, without the atrocious French accent, roast beef.

Until Saturday night, I did not like it in the slightest. I think this is because we basically never had it at home, so my few experiences with it have been at average buffets and worse wedding receptions.

But then there was Saturday.

Saturday, we had a party. It was a bit of a fizzer in the afternoon – only a couple of people came by because the weather was icky – but we ended up with 14 for dinner. And J had this brilliant idea that wouldn’t a roast be fun?

3.8kg of beef later, a kilo or more of beans, plus potato and carrot for the mob… I was impressed. And very full, of course. It was fantastic! And there were two pieces left… hello, lunch. So I’m a convert, at home anyway.

the HELL?!

Channel Ten, in its Infinite Wisdom, has changed the time for Torchwood.

Midnight! Tuesday night/Wednesday morning!


Seriously! indeed. That is so … unspeakably annoying. Admittedly I usually tape it, but – !! I had to go to the Ten website to find out when it was on because it sure as hell wasn’t announced anywhere….


OK, over it now. Until tomorrow when I have to set the video.