Daily Archives: August 7th, 2007

HistoricalĀ hoarding

I wonder if my adoration of history is related to my incorrigible hoarding. Oh yes, it is incorrigible: those of you at school in Australia in 1988 may remember receiving a dinky commemorative coin for the Bicentennary. I’ve still got mine (primary school, thanks very much). I used it, for some reason, to collect the signatures from some has-been cricketers at an exhibition match in Darwin the same year. I kept my cinema tickets for ages. As if anyone would ever be interested in my ephemera! But then, there are are historians who examine the minutae of everyday life, so – you know …. I, though, am not one of them.

At the same time, I am also a tragic nostalgic: I wish my college friends were all still talking, because I’d love to have a ten-year reunion next year – but it ain’t gonna happen. I love my family history, partly for bragging rights and partly for interest.

I think this might be a bit of a chicken/egg issue. But it is an interesting thing to consider.

One step closer

Not to the end of LastShortStory, but towards another – perhaps as yet unstated – goal: to watch all of the original Star Trek movies, in order. I’m currently watching number 3: “The Search for Spock.” It’s pretty good… you know, for an ancient Star Trek movie… Christopher Lambert (I think? – the mad scientist from Back to the Future) is dreadful. Kirk is really very entertaining – I love that he knows everyone’s jobs better than they do; Bones is probably my favourite, I’ve decided.

It has also suddenly occurred to me that maybe the Vulcans have the upturned eyebrows because they’re meant to be elven? Amoral, long-lived… not sure too many people have written about the elves as being driven by logic, but there’s always a possibility.