Daily Archives: October 5th, 2007


Today I am 28. Not a particularly remarkable age, and I know it’s not really that old. Still, it has made me a little reflective.

I have been:
a teacher for nearly 4 years
a home owner for almost exactly 4 years
married for 5.5 years
fatherless for 7 years
in Melbourne, and therefore out of home (Darwin at the time) for nearly 11 years
out of high school for 11 years
a Christian for 11.5 years
a sister to my sister for 21 years
a sister to my brother for 26 years
a daughter for 28 years (well, ex utero anyway…)

There are also numerous friendships thrown in there, too, naturally… the longest standing continuous one is with the wonderful Bianca: we date back to when our sisters were in creche, so maybe 18 years? Something like that. She’s the one who sent me a birthday present back in August. Ha bloody ha, I said, and promptly hung the darn thing from the rafters so I wouldn’t forget it.

The list isn’t that long compared to some, but still a fairly good tally I think.