Daily Archives: October 8th, 2007

Not reading Slaughterhouse 5

* I never have in the past. I know! Oh! the shame.

As a consequence, I borrowed it from the library for the holidays.

* I didn’t read it at the start of the hols because my sister was.

* I didn’t read it over the rest of the hols because the demands of Last Short Story were getting to me.

Now, it’s no longer the holidays. But that’s not why I’m still not reading the book….

* I managed to lose it. A library book!

A very fishy update

It’s been a while since I reported on my aquatic friends, so I thought I would…

I’m pretty sure I mentioned that the Monster Angel finally went to the big aquarium in the sky… very sad. The tank has consequently been looking fairly empty – it’s a 50 gallon (about 150 litres) thing, with only 20 or 30 smallish fish in it. So last week, as part of our holidays, we went fish shopping. I got 20 neon tetras, who seem to be going ok; 4 harlequin rasboras, one of whom has died – but the others seem to be getting on with the older harlequins; and two bristlenose catfish, to help deal with the algae issue. I can’t find them any more. They’re pretty good at hiding, but… I’m a bit worried. We also got some plants, which always makes the place look much, much better.

In other exciting news, we found a fish place much closer to us – Aqua Fin. We’d heard of the business before, selling equipment, but they only recently opened as a direct-to-public place. Their stock of fish was pretty low, but their plants were ok – and cheaper, too. It’s just nice to have a shop 5 min drive away (or a long walk), rather than more than twice that, for things like food!