Daily Archives: November 16th, 2007


My darlings had their exam yesterday. I wasn’t as nervous before it as I had expected – which sounds weird, the teacher being nervous, but remember two things: a) this is my first Yr 12 class; b) before their first piece of school assessment, I felt really quite ill. Anyway, I got emails from two of them last night, and one this morning, saying they felt all right about it. Then I got hold of the paper today and did a little dance – one of the China questions was quite similar to a piece of school assessment we did (at which I did a little dance), and most of the other questions we had covered – I think – fairly well in class. So even the weaker students should have been able to write something… as long as they didn’t just completely flake, which I guess is always possible.

So… an acceptable end to the year, I think. Although it doesn’t actually end until Dec 17, when the results come out. Eek.


I love Threadless. I also love RedBubble, but I have to say that cos of, you know, the conjugal connections and all. Anyway… I had an issue a while back where a shirt I ordered had a mark on it, so I sent it back. Sadly, by the time it got back to them it had sold out (it was a ButterflyFish). So instead they refunded my money and gave me a voucher as well – woohoo! So I promptly went back to the website and promptly spent my money. I bought the Viking Bird and Playground Joust. They just arrived today, and I am terribly pleased. What I am now trying to figure out is whether I can tax deduct them. I teach the Vikings and knights at Yr 8… isn’t that legitimate? Plus, I bought a Communist Party shirt, simply because I taught the Russian and Chinese revolutions this year. What do you think?