Semi-gratuitous post

… because I am utterly, utterly astonished at being nominated for the Ditmars!

I was going to mention which ones, but… I think I won’t. This is partly because it really would be gratuitous, but also for a small amount of anonymity to be retained here. I don’t imagine my students would find this – I’ve never said where my school is, and there’s nothing here to link me to my name (yet) – but still, I feel more comfortable knowing they can’t randomly google me and find this! So, I must say that since I’ve read most of the stuff nominated this year (except a couple of the novels… oops), I think it’s a strong list!

I was going to post the list here, too, but… that would come close to defeating the anonymity principle.

4 responses

  1. We shall have cake when you win.

  2. Ha! Oh yes… I do hope to get at least one, for one of the combo nominations, I reckon.

  3. I doon’t even know what this means. Tigger

  4. The DItmars are national awards within the Aussie science fiction/fantasy scene. They recognise fan achievement, and professional achievements in stuff like editing, as well as writing actual fiction.

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