Productive and critical

Watching four Roman DVDs, for school, and I think I’m going to send all four back. Three are a series – republic, empire, ‘building and empire’; the other is a stand-alone. The stand-alone was definitely for younger kids, which would be fine – since this is for yr7 kids – but the background music was appalling. The others… well, I think they’re just a bit boring. I’m sure I can find docos with more interesting narration, and less bad music. They also feel a bit dated, although I think they’re actually fairly recent; they’re just leaving me cold.

On the plus side, though, since they’re all 30-45 min long – being average, I’ve been skipping through the chapters a bit; has made it a lot faster than I expected! I’ve got a couple of French and Russian Rev (eek! They’ve just shown a clip of a picture from a brothel – one of the awfully explicit ones; really not sure if I can show this to my 7s!) DVDs to preview, too, and a couple of other Roman and ancient Greek ones – hopefully they’ll be better than these.

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  1. i know it’s waaaay out of the relevant timeframe but i’m reminded of Tony Robinson’s “Crusades” series … would be marvellous if he’d covered Rome.

  2. Tony Robinson did a Crusades thing? I remember Terry Jones’ Crusades, which I’ve watched bits and pieces of since – he’s magnificent.

  3. Could be I have my T people mixed up.
    Plus somehow I’m thinking of Fat Tulip now.

  4. Look! A complete episode which I can’t watch at work ’cause of blocks, but…

  5. I think you are indeed mixing your Ts. And I can’t believe you found Fat Tulip on youtube!! That’s so awesome.

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