New fish!

Ah, the things that make me happy.

After being nixed in what I had hoped would be the completion of my want-a-blue-coat saga, I finally bought some new fish for my depleted tank.

I got 15 Colombian tetras, because they were on sale as a bulk – we had a fleet of them for a while but they’ve slowly died off over three or four years. So now we’ve got more, they’re happily schooling – and they have colour, too, which is nice (they didn’t in the fish shop).

To appease my love, we also got some clown loaches. Five of the beggars! (Another bulk deal.) I said we were never, ever going to get more, because it is just too, too heartbreaking when they die: they are my love’s favouritest fish ever (except for discus fish, which we ain’t getting because the tank isn’t big enough for more than, oh, one of them). They are terribly cute, and being all cloachy: going up and down in the corners, going around and around… they are like the excitable dogs of the fish world. And then they hide under rocks and don’t come out for days.

And, finally… mystery snails! It’s the first time our aquarium place has had snails in years – since my last wonderful snail died, in fact. J said I wasn’t allowed to name this one, because I was so sad when Ajax (the last one) died… but it was too late. Two snails, so I get to have Major and Minor (Ajax).[1]

So now the tank is looking more full, which is lovely. I can’t wait for them all to settle in. I still might go and get some more rasboras… but that should probably be in about a month, if not longer, to let these guys become acquainted with their tank mates.

[1] If you don’t get the reference, you haven’t read The Iliad.

2 responses

  1. Iliad & the Odessy Right?

    Sounds like you have a some good time on your hands to pack your aquarium… We would love to catch a photo of your tank setup. What kind of Snails are they and where did you get’m…


  2. Yup – well, Iliad anyway, since poor old Big Ajax tops himself at the end of the Trojan War, due to not getting what he thought were his dues… or because Athene made him do it…

    One of these days I’ll take a photo of it, and try and make it decent! I’ve got two apple snails – yellow ones – who have not yet really stopped sulking, so I really hope they’re ok…

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