Fish… the sad bit

Very sad.

My apple snails are no more.

In fact, they never were: they never came out of their shells in my tank.

Apparently – having called the aquarium I bought them from – some areas of my town have increased copper in their water due to the drought. And this kills snails, like, instantly.

Was there a mention of this at the shop? No. Was there any suggestion that there might be an issue? No. And how does the shop know about the copper? Because they had a batch of snails drop like flies a few months ago, got their water tested and found out about the copper. So this is not exactly a surprise to them.

Argh!! I sent a moderately-worded email expressing my disappointment.

No snails, again! I’m so sad. And one of my lovely new cloaches died, too. But the other three seem happy enough….

2 responses

  1. By law this would be a unilateral mistake and the aquaria can/and should correct this as it is of their fault (on accident)

  2. I did wonder whether they would take any responsibility. It will be interesting to see whether they reply to my email. Unfortunately, they’re the closest aquarium to us – to get to any other one is something like a half hour drive.

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