Daily Archives: June 10th, 2008

Time Trial

So I went in my first time trial with VRR on the weekend: 8km, with a 7 minute handicap based on my last 8km effort (last month). I don’t understand how they figure out the handicap, since that seemed a bit insane for me! Nonetheless, I did it – and I did it in 55 min by the clock, so 48 min actual! My best time yet. I’m pleased.

Especially with the 10km RunMelbourne coming up soon. Which might kill my love and I. But we will valiantly struggle through – the course looks awesome.

Such Aussie YA fiction goodness is mine

I splurged on the weekend and bought myself two books, despite having a stack of stuff to do:

Superior Saturday, by Garth Nix – which I’ve only been anticipating for, oh, a year. And I read it in a day… and there will be a review at ASif! mighty soon. As soon as I can get all that other stuff done…

Lamplighter, by DM Cornish – the sequel to Monster Blood Tattoo, which I adored. I’m currently reading this one; I’m not yet sure whether I love it as much as I loved MBT, but I probably haven’t read enough to judge yet. I’ve also forgotten a bit of what happened in the first, so I’m remembering that slowly.

Glorious! Fabulous! Calloo and callay! I must get my work done so I can properly enjoy them.