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Time Trial

So I went in my first time trial with VRR on the weekend: 8km, with a 7 minute handicap based on my last 8km effort (last month). I don’t understand how they figure out the handicap, since that seemed a bit insane for me! Nonetheless, I did it – and I did it in 55 min by the clock, so 48 min actual! My best time yet. I’m pleased.

Especially with the 10km RunMelbourne coming up soon. Which might kill my love and I. But we will valiantly struggle through – the course looks awesome.

Run for the Kids

So we had a delightful ride down to the Gardens, this morning – my darling came with me, to cheer me on and make sure I didn’t get lost in finding the right place. Fat chance of that – there was a gazillion people standing around. Seriously; there were more than 25000 people, I think, in the race.

We then stood around for a while… which was kind of fun, but also a bit boring after a while.

It was very odd standing in such a huge group to begin with, and to be honest it was quite a pain. There were two groups for the short course, which I did: green and white. Green was for “active and semi-active” runners and joggers; white for slow joggers and walkers. I went in the white group, because I signed up weeks ago and I thought was realistic. I really ought to have been in the green group, and I should have pushed further to the front, too. It was madness to begin – I crossed the starting line 7 minutes or so after it officially began – and it took a while to push through people to get a clear run. And, really, I don’t feel like I got a clear run until maybe the 2km mark. Damned walkers! I was still passing walkers for aaages, and they got in the way for quite a while.

My aim was to complete the run in under 35 min, and to do it continuously. I did manage it in under 35 – only just, and I reckon I can claim a minute or so of time because of the faffing at the start! – but I didn’t quite manage it continuously. I walked for maybe a minute, half way up the heartbreaking hill that is Anderson St; then a minute or so on the other side as well, because I couldn’t catch my breath. Still, I think that’s a fairly good result! I’m pleased.

Now, to be able to do the 8km of a double Tan in a reasonable time…

First race-type thing

Melbourne City Sports with the YMCA ran the Super Sunset Series this year, and I think for a few years before. The first was at the zoo – walking distance from here, but only two or so weeks after I started running. The second was at Princes Park, also walking distance, but I didn’t find out about it. Last night it was the Tan – around the Botanic Gardens – not quite walking distance (about 8km) but I did it anyway.

I did the 8km run, which is twice around – twice up a truly ball-breaking hill. I finished in about 54 minutes, which wasn’t last; I’m quite happy to have done 6 minute ks. It also included the furthest I’ve ever run in one stint to date (without a walking rest), so I’m happy with that.

I was fairly stuffed afterwards, though – especially since I decided on a whim to ‘sprint’ the last 20 or so metres – where sprinting is relative after 8km, of course, for me at least. But my love was there to congratulate me, which was wonderful, and to ride home with me in the gloaming, which was fortunate. So I rode 17km or so as well as the 8km run! Which explains why I am still in bed, on my day off, rather than out running before the day turns to high 30s and I become mush. No – I’ve declared today a rest day. So I can feel smug without groaning too much from sore muscles.