Liberation Blue

In light of Sound Relief (on which, more in a moment) on Sunday I finally checked out the Liberation Blue site, basically to find Mark Seymour (I can’t say loud enough how much he rocked at Sound Relief). My dear friend K has been raving about this series of albums of ages; I borrowed her copy of James Reyne’s “… and the horse you rode in on” (still one of the awesomest album titles ever) a while ago, but it was before I got back into my James Reyne phase; I also recently borrowed her Michael Spilby album (remember the Badloves?), which is now a big favourite. Anyway – Liberation Blue is basically old-ish Aussie rockers doing acoustic versions. Diesel, Mark Seymour, James Reyne, Nick Barker… etc. Taxiride sounds something of a bum note, to my ear, but K assures me the album is quite good.

Anyway. “Daytime and the Dark” is raw and acoustic and a sheer delight. Not everyone can get away with stripped back acoustic; Seymour can.

While I was on the site I might also have got a bit carried away. I grabbed the Best of vols 1 and 2 (I think there’s 8 artists on each, doing a couple of songs each: how can you go past an album that opens with Mark Seymour and James Reyne duetting on “April Sun in Cuba”?? WIN!). It’s currently on back order, but I also ordered the “Signature Songs and Classic Covers” album – double CD, exactly what it says. Dragon doing “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” and Michael Spilby doing “Jive Talkin'”? Hello!

I’m so excited with new music. And, before postage, about $22/CD! Noice.

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  1. Dragon’s “Sunshine to Rain” remains the absolute stand out of the collection.

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