Daily Archives: July 27th, 2010

Day 6 of 30 Days of Books

Day 6: favourite book of favourite series OR favourite book of all time

What a terrible, terrible thing to have to decide. For a long time my automatic answer has been Lord of the Rings, and… I think I still have to go with it. I know this is simultaneously not a popular answer, and a too-popular answer, but too bad; I love it. I love Aragorn; when I can forget Elijah Wood, I love Frodo; the Rohirrim make me happy and so does Lothlorien. I love that the ending is bittersweet. Yes, there are too few women characters; yes, the bit from final battle to final page is a bit too long. I don’t care. If I had to take just one book to that desert island, I think this would be it. Also, it’s so long, I could make a good few torches out of it, if I had to.

(There was no way I could do the ‘favourite book of favourite series’ idea, because for me, they usually blur together. That’s like asking me to define exactly what happens in Episodes Iv, V, and VI of Star Wars. Could do it, but it would hurt my brain.)