Daily Archives: July 28th, 2010

Day 7 of 30 Days of Books

Day 7: least favourite plot device in books you’ve otherwise enjoyed.

Do catch-phrases count as plot devices? I say they do. And after a while, they drive me mad. Eddings used Garion’s whining “why me?” to good effect, mostly, but that still didn’t stop him sounding like a whiny little boy (which he was). The worst offender, though, is Simon Green. Especially in the Deathstalker series, which is not helped by being so very long. Now I adore the Deathstalker books, with bright-eyed passion, but by book three every time Owen opened his mouth I was cringing, anticipating that he was going to use on those stock phrases that he’d used the last million times. Jack, Ruby, and oh Hazel – all with the same problem. I understand that it can help build character, but I would actually prefer characters with a greater vocabulary.*

*all of you who know and love The Fifth Element, insert your best Ruby Rod impersonation at this point.