This is my new vegetable patch, out the front of our house. I’ve been suggesting this for a while and we finally got around to removing some trees and doing it… well, the nice men we hired removed the trees and did it, anyway. This was ready and waiting for us when we got home from our holiday, which was a very nice surprise. We then had to do a Bunnings run, for a dripper system and trellis for along the fence, which you can see in the pic, rather handily installed by the husband. I’ve decided to try doing most stuff from seed, and from heirloom varieties where I can, because then I can collect seeds for next year… and rather than doing my usual bullish thing, I’ve decided to go a bit slowly. So I have tomatoes in a seed tray, and I’ve planted basil and rocket seeds; I’ll build up the rest of the bed over the next month or so, I guess. I have ideas of what I would like to grow, I just need to source it.

There’s also some herbs in the dirt at the front: thyme, oregano, sage. I’m waiting to see how well they grow out there; I may weaken and buy more to bulk it out, if it doesn’t seem to be spreading as fast as I might hope!  😀

4 responses

  1. How exciting! I can recommend Diggers Club for heirloom seed and unusual plants

    1. I believe I am getting a membership to Diggers for my birthday from the in-laws 🙂 Good to know it will be worth it!

  2. Looks very professional. I planted two Jalapeno’s and a zucchini

    1. I’d love to plant a zucchini but my husband paints all sorts of dire pictures off it taking over the WORLD – or at least the veg patch…

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