Call for submissions – scientists writing sf

Something that might be of interest…

Guidelines for Science Fiction by Scientists
Editor: Mike Brotherton, PhD
Type of publication: Print, e-book
Publisher: Springer (Science and Fiction: )
Pay: Likely 1 cent/word plus a royalty share
Genre: science fiction
Word Length: up to 10k, 3k-8k preferred, plus bio and afterword (see below)
Deadline: January 31, 2016
Reprints: No
Submissions and Queries:  Email to (pdf, doc, docx, rtf)

Who can submit: This anthology is open to “scientists” of all types, as long as that characterization can be fairly supported, and includes working researchers, retired scientists, those with science and technology degrees working in closely related fields,
and scientists who have turned full-time writers.  If you’re uncertain if you qualify, ask.  We are looking to meet reader expectations given our title, and will provide bios describing each authors scientific background.  We are open to previously unpublished fiction writers.  Collaborations between scientists and non-scientist co-authors are welcome as well.

What kind of stories:  We are looking for entertaining, well-written short stories in which the science plays a central role, from fundamental concepts to cutting edge-speculation.  Scientist characters and scientific thinking are welcome, but not necessary.  Our goal is a balanced volume, ideally covering multiple disciplines such as physics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, geology, planetary science, robotics, etc., without being focused too heavily in only one or two areas.  Subjects within engineering, the social sciences, and mathematics are also welcome if approached from a scientific perspective.  Show us what’s fascinating, exciting, or important about science.  Bring us a sense of wonder.  Share what it is to think like a scientist.
Inspire us to want to support science.  Point out the dangers and responsibility ever increasing knowledge brings.  Write a story that puts the science in science fiction.

Afterwords: Each submission should include an explanation and discussion of the relevant scientific concepts used in the story, up to about 1000 words.  Afterwords can include the inspiration for the story, relevant mathematics, citations to the scientific
literature, or detailed explanations that can potentially educate as well as enlighten.

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