By SB Divya, from in May.

This book was provided by the publisher at no cost.
Things I liked about this story:

Technology was not at an end. It’s a small thing, but often stories set “tomorrow” forget that technology keeps developing. There’s a line in here about consumer tech not being ready for something but it soon would be – and I was very happy to read that.

The family relationships were complex and largely believable.

Struggling against a new class system that is completely rigged against you.

Enhanced ultra marathons.

The story telling itself.

The different genders.
Things that I didn’t love: 

Mum seemed a bit too harsh, but maybe that’s just my bias? Could be. It made me uncomfortable but actually maybe that’s the point.

There’s a discussion about “nats” – naturals I presume – that got a bit too… didactic, for the context. It made me impatient to get back to the story because it felt like it was interrupting rather than advancing the plot or the central ideas.

Overall it’s a fun, fairly compressed story.

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