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Farscape rewatch: s1, e7

Farscape rewatch

Each week on a Sunday afternoon (uh, ish), join Alex (of Randomly Yours, Alex) and Katharine (of the unpronounceable Ventureadlaxre), as they re-watch the Australian-American sci-fi show Farscape, notable for the Jim Henson animatronic puppets, the excellent mish-mash of accents, and the best OTP ship of all time.

Season One, Episode Seven: PK Tech Girl

Our favourite fugitives have been know to find dead ships and ransack them for salvage. It’s on one of these jaunts that they happen to find one of Crais’ workers, and things spiral out from there into emotions, a fire fight with another crew seeking salvage, and Rygel’s darkest memories.

A: EW close up of Rygel’s nose is WRONG. BUT! Crais! … nope, not Crais. So sad that Crais is not back. D’Argo wants info but Aeryn wants weapons. Perfect.

K: She is, isn’t she? Dead ship though, in the uncharted territories… must be Firefly 😀

A: those graphics are beautiful

K: They are. I also like what Aeryn’s wearing in this episode. SUCH a girl crush.

A: I love Aeryn walking around with that ENORMOUS gun. So competently.

K: She probably feels way more competent and comfortable with it, rather than without. Continue reading →