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Farscape rewatch: S1, e5


Farscape rewatch

Each week on a Sunday afternoon, join Alex (of Randomly Yours, Alex) and Katharine (of the unpronounceable Ventureadlaxre), as they re-watch the Australian-American sci-fi show Farscape, notable for the Jim Henson animatronic puppets, the excellent mish-mash of accents, and the best OTP ship of all time.

Season One, Episode Five: Back and Back and Back to the Future

Summary: some aliens good, some aliens bad.

A: a ship is being destroyed and there’s dissent over whether to help them; what a surprise that Rygel is all ‘leave them to their fate!’ Continue reading →

Galactic Suburbia spoilerific

Alisa came to visit me a few weeks ago. We found a French science fiction mini series on SBS On Demand and we watched the entire thing, and then we had to record a special episode of Galactic Suburbia to try and hash out what exactly it was that we had just watched. You can listen to it over at Galactic Suburbia or on iTunes.

Warning: it’s entirely spoiler-filled… although I think you could still enjoy the show even after listening to us. But there’s not a screaming hurry, as it’s on the SBS site until the middle of 2017!