Farscape rewatch: S1, e5


Farscape rewatch

Each week on a Sunday afternoon, join Alex (of Randomly Yours, Alex) and Katharine (of the unpronounceable Ventureadlaxre), as they re-watch the Australian-American sci-fi show Farscape, notable for the Jim Henson animatronic puppets, the excellent mish-mash of accents, and the best OTP ship of all time.

Season One, Episode Five: Back and Back and Back to the Future

Summary: some aliens good, some aliens bad.

A: a ship is being destroyed and there’s dissent over whether to help them; what a surprise that Rygel is all ‘leave them to their fate!’

K: It rather jumps into this episode rather quickly, doesn’t it? Her voice is a little weird. I’d want to leave them too.

A: aaand John gets zapped by something freaky, but Dargo is the one who goes all Max Headroom? HOW INTRIGUING.

K: Oh John, why would you reach for anything weird and shiny at this point in your life – especially when everything is red and black and weird like Peacekeeper stuff…

A: what IS Aeryn wearing? Is she in her pyjamas, or are crop tops standard wear?

K: Well she doesn’t like the heat, soooo….

A: Dargo accepts Aeryn as one of us! AW!

K: Is it a sign something is very wrong with him or is it the sweet moment we hope it is?

A: there is something VERY weird about that woman… and then we get a REALLY weird flick to her doing… something… with? to? John… (ew)

K: Aha, it is a little funny that it’s more weird than erotic – just looks uncomfortable. Poor John!

A: this is the first time we see Dargo go completely squishy over a woman. It’s pretty odd, and I find it a bit unbelievable in this instance. Not sure why. Could be her eyes.

K: He is a little silly like that over females, though, as we see later in the series… spoilers! I don’t see why their ‘science explorations’ are so important if the war is also so important… they don’t seem overly related…

A: creepy alien woman creeps up on Aeryn and they jump into Stylised Fighting Stance… to be stopped by Dargo…

K: Aeryn being helpful and all she gets for it is weird backlash. It is understandable to be all ‘oh well, sort yourselves out then’ and not think two cents more on it though…

A: John has more weird creepy flashes of a ?sexual encounter… while sitting with Zhaan and Aeryn. Awkward!

Aeryn: what is the matter with him? Zhaan: he is Crichton.


K: Aha so excellent. And John being all ‘Uhh different species sure, right? I mean…. Who likes raspberries on their stomach anyway? Don’t answer that.

A: Dargo and Matala together are just creepy. Dargo going all swoon-y seems completely out of character.

K: I guess in a way one would be eager to meet the love of their life – if they think that’s what it is. I mean, if I think it’s hard to meet people here imagine what it’s like as a fugitive trapped on a ship in the middle of space.

A: ooh, discovery! John is having flashes of the future! … although how can flashes of the future include flashes of his own death? That seems unlikely.

K: Well it’s certainly more handy than the other thing. More Aeryn is good for you, John! She’s mostly safe and mostly wants what’s best for you!

A: Zhaan is worried about Moya, and asks for Rygel’s help, but he is TOO BUSY being gross and STUFFING HIS FACE.

K: Rygel is always gross and I’ve already forgotten his few uses in general. Be of more use, Your Grace! Wouldn’t Pilot be able to answer Zhaan, though?

A: Matala and Aeryn spar! I presume Matala is meant to look like she’s doing a version of tai chi? But it really doesn’t work, for mine… and then she does that finger-jabby thing John’s seen in the future, and her voice changes…

K: ‘Physical Conditioning’ eh. It doesn’t work for me either. The weird flouncing around seems to waste more energy than it saves, other than the headbutts. And the fingerjab. Aeryyyyn!

A: Zhaan is protective of John, which is VERY cute, and warns Matala off.

K: Matala is a pain, and Zhaan continues to be one of the strongest/savvy characters aboard.

A: REVELATION! The Illonics were actually testing a weapon!

K: And it all comes together in relation to the war. Finally.

A: John and Zhaan having a Deep&Meaningful conversation – I really love the development of their relationship over the show.

K: Same, it’s always good to have non-romantic deep levels of friendship in a show, there isn’t enough of it.

A: MATALA IS NOT WHO SHE SAYS SHE IS! What a surprise! (Also, Aeryn is still in that crop top. She’s totally ripped but it’s still a very unlikely outfit, isn’t it?)

K: It is, a bit. I mean, they’re in space. Why doesn’t D’Argo have the same type of outfit, eh? Oh, he kinda has the reverse, hrm… Can we count this as Aeryn saving the day?  

A: even if you didn’t know what a quantum singularity was, the music would tell you that your eyes should be widening in awe or terror at this revelation…

K: Which mine aren’t, as I’m too tired to give a damn. The curse of a 72 hour work week means I don’t quite find this all as dramatic as I probably should. I just want them off Moya!

A: aaaaand that whole, what, ten minutes was a future flash? Hilarious.

K: Hilarious and annoying. But at least her pretty statue thing won’t break this time, finally. Oh. wait. Freakin’ heck Crichton what is the matter with you!? Zhaan liked that!

A: John knowing the future makes him even more insufferable. I mean, he’s awesome and I love him, but can you imagine actually crewing with him?

K: I really can’t at this stage. I’d just be like ‘it’s time for a nap’ and leave. Let the rest sort out their issues. He can barely function in the present is the best line of the episode though.

A: is Dargo’s nose on crooked?

K: Bwahaha, that as least makes this episode worthwhile! I think it changes colour a bit every so often, too…

A: Dargo goes from swoony-kissy to MUST KILL awfully quickly.

K: Well we know how boys get when a female tricks them, don’t we…

A: aw, boys bonding over a lack of sex.

K: Aw, poor boys. Life must be SO tough. At least Rygel got some teasing also!

In summary, careful of ladeez, Dargo.

Number of times Aeryn saves the day: 1

Number of times John saves the day: 4

Times John compares someplace to Earth: 1

References Star Wars: 1
Join us next week for Thank God It’s Friday Again!


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