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Julian May died

No more Writer and the Critic: announcement

Feminist Poltergeist podcast, from Ellenbutnotdegeneres:

Carmilla movie out

OUR DISCUSSION: Leisure, freelancing/part-time hours and guilt.


Alisa: Otherlife; Stranger Things S2; The Trauma Cleaner, Sarah Krasnostein; Pop Culture Happy Hour; Friends Like These

Tansy: Podcasts: Uncanny 14b (To Budapest with Love by Theodora Goss & Some Cupids Kill with Arrows by Tansy; Kameron Hurley’s Get To Work Hurley #6 (how to write when overwhelmed by the world); Fangirl Happy Hour #100 (On Brand) & #101 (Howl’s Moving Castle); Thor Ragnarok – ABC Radio interview

Alex: Nexus, Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan, Deborah Biancotti; Bold as Love sequence, Gwyneth Jones; Lord of the Rings; Glitch season 2

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The Tallow-Wife

36147725I can always rely on Angela Slatter to shatter my heart.

This wee volume was put together by Fablecroft for Conflux, the Canberra SF convention, this year. It’s a teaser for Slatter’s next volume of stories set in the world of Sourdough and Bitterworld Bible, basically. The main feature is the title story, with a couple other short bits included, and – to make it extra special – illustrations from Kathleen Jennings.

“The Tallow-Wife” is exactly the sort of story I have come to expect from Slatter, especially when it’s a story from this world. It’s a family story, it’s a gentle story, it’s a nasty story as only family stories can be. There’s hints and suggestions of machinations that aren’t spelled out, there’s layers of heartbreak and confusion, and it’s all presented in beautiful prose that sometimes bewilders me: how can such lovely words be telling a story that tears me up? It took me a good couple of weeks to read this – I read it in two sittings but after I put it down the first time I was super reluctant to pick it back up because I knew it would just hurt. And it did, but it was worth it, and I loved it for all the pain.

It must be noted that this is a lovely <i>object</i>, too. Hard cover, Jennings pictures; it’s a delight.