Daily Archives: November 20th, 2017

Galactic Suburbia 178

In which the trashfires are covered in rainbows this week. So many trashfires; so many rainbows. Huge congrats to all the QUILTBAG/LGBTQ Australians who got engaged since Wednesday 15th 2017, including friend of the podcast John Richards! You can get us at iTunes or at Galactic Suburbia.


Australia voted Yes! And we really want Penny Wong to lead the country now please.

World Fantasy Awards: results out

China, the largest SETI telescope, and Cixin Liu


Alisa: All the news. Literally all the news.

Alex: Lord of the Rings; Wynnona Earp season 1; Searching for Sugarman; The Red Queen, Isobelle Carmody

Tansy: Hamilton’s Battalion, Tremontaine Season 3,
Tansy’s new superhero novella Girl Reporter is available for pre-order now!! Check out her cover reveal on the Mary Sue.

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