Women’s History Month series

History Council of Victoria banner

Links to interviews (and transcripts) with Melbourne women who protested against the Vietnam War and the National Service Act.


Jean McLean

Diana Crunden

Jill Reichstein

(list continues below)

Jan Muller

Ceci Cairns

Sandra Goldbloom Zurbo

Judy Maddigan

Sue McCulloch

Kaye Lovett

Ceci Cairns (again)

Jenny Beacham

Caroline Hogg

Joan Coxsedge

Jean McLean (again)

Martha Kinsman

Shirley Winton

Faye Findlay

Margret RoadKnight

Tony Dalton (on his mother, Dorothy)

Erika Feller

Sherryl Garbutt

Marion Harper

Margaret Williamson

Vera Boston

Kay Setches

Helen McCulloch

Helen Rowe

Elisabeth Jackson

Robin Laurie

Sue McCulloch (again)

Jean McLean (part 3)

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