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Summer in Australia…

when there’s cricket on the radio.

And now I have a good radio with which to listen to the cricket! It’s my Christmas present: a Tivoli One, that’s got a cream front, unlike this one. I have an old clock radio in the bathroom, but haven’t had a radio in the kitchen at any time. It’s so very very pretty.

Now, if only the cricket were worth listening to at the moment… but at least I don’t have to listen to bloody Greig or Benaud any more. And I will be able to listen to the JJJ Hottest 100 (and breakfast, and… other stuff) easily.

Thanks to my love for a lovely present.


What happened?? Australia just got bowled out! Eek!


There is something very special about the sound of a batsman being bowled. It has to do with the leather ball hitting the wood, the clunk of it, and somehow the sound of the stump coming out of the ground.

I am not as much of a cricket tragic as my mother, but I do love summer.

Happy not to be Flintoff

Be a good Captain.

Bat well.

Bowl well.

Or don’t come home.

I imagine that is how Flintoff is feeling at the moment, and it’s only the second day of the first Test. Nasty.

And, to have the first whinge of the summer, I can’t stand the Channel Nine commentators.