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Dead angel

My Monster Angel has died.

He’s been on the way out for a year or so, I think: he got sick about a year ago, and I thought he would die then, but he kicked on. Today, though… on his side, all of a sudden; then, 30 minutes or so later, gone. Fallen off the perch.

The tank looks much emptier without him. He was three times as big as any of the others…

We euthanased the Odd Bit Fish.

We figured it was better to kills one, $2.50 fish, than have all 10 die.

There is heaps of algae happening in the tank, which may mean that the light is on for too long. There is also a snail! Darned if I know how he got in there. He’ll just have to stay there until Saturday when we get something to eat the algae, I guess – cories or loaches, or I’ve read about Siamese Algae Eaters/Flying Foxes.

Did the first water change today; probably ought to get an ammonia test-kit. Hope the nine tetras survive without the tenth…