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Nooooo fish

That’s noooo as in “new”, not “no”, by the way.

Went to Coburg. Bought 20 neons, which are little and cute, and 20 black neons, which are very exciting. We also bought two little Flying Foxes, which I hope will do the job of the Siamese Algae Eaters who died… that was very sad. I’m sure the exploding algae issue is due to that.

So… oh yes, a rasbora died, which was sad, and the remaining giant angel seems to have a serious issue… it has a wound on its underside – I think it may be around the anus. Anyway, if fish had suppurating wounds, I think this one would be. I’m very, very sad.

Sadly… another fish down

This time, it’s the sole remaining Algae Eater. He, admittedly, has had a white patch on his bck, which has come and gone… it looked like he was losing scales, but I was never sure what to do about it, or whether it was actually a problem. Of course, I’m still not sure, but there you go. He died.

Dead fish

I’ve lost three fish in the last week or so – two widows and a neon tetra. Bit sad. I think, I hope, that this is only because they’re getting old… we’ve had them for a while now. Haven’t seen any problems with them before death, anyway.

Mighty Hektor

New camera… nice fishy.

Not sure if this will be betta than last time…

Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Hektor #2.

He is beautiful – blue with long fins.

I really hope that he is healthier than his namesake was. He’s heated, so I think he has a better (betta) chance from the get-go…

A Death

The giant black and white angel has died today. Very sad, but not unexpected. He’s been fading for a long time now. I wonder how the white angel will go now.

Lost another fish

This time it was a rasbora. This is maybe the second or third fish in about three weeks. I wonder if they are all getting old, or if there is something up with the tank… I must admit that I am a bad fishkeeper, and have not done any tests on the tank water in a very, very long time (and I do mean a loooong time). Perhaps I should do that.

Aqua Grandparents. Again.

Once again, they have laid eggs when we weren’t looking and they’ve hatched, too. I thought yesterday that they were looking protective, but I didn’t look closely enough. This time they have been laid on the filter intake. And interestingly, there are stacks of unfertilised eggs, too – lots more than there were last time. J wants to save them, but at the moment that would be quite an undertaking – I think that scraping them off the pipe would be more detrimental than beneficial. Maybe when they are free-swimming, if we can get to them before they start dying, or being et.

Different babies

A couple of weeks ago, a friend came to visit. She looked up before she came in the door and said, “Do you know you have a bird’s nest above your door?” The answer to which was, of course, Heck no! But there it was, safe in the wisteria and climbing rose, and complete with that latest must-have accessory for the fashion-conscious nester, plastic lining on the outside. Anyway, that was a couple of weeks ago. Two days ago I looked up (as I have done every day to see the mother patiently sitting there, staring into space), and there was no mother – but there was a beak! They hatched. Very exciting. We’ve only seen beaks, a bit of a tufty head, and I think I saw a back the other day. I nearly saw them being fed today, but I think Mum was too nervy of me standing there to actually feed them. It is a very exciting addition to our World.


Well, since the last post, we have had two more spawnings from the Monster Angels, whom I have decided to christen Kronos and Rhea. Why? Well… I think all the babies have been et. Possibly by their father. So we’ve had fun watching them, seeing them grow, occasionally break away from whatever leaf they were laid on (I actually saw the third batch right after they were deposited, which was great)… and then they have, suddenly, Disappeared. Gone – poof! Very sad. And yet, somehow, not such a problem as hundreds of baby angels might be.

I have also had one rasbora die, and the little angel too. Very sad.