Different babies

A couple of weeks ago, a friend came to visit. She looked up before she came in the door and said, “Do you know you have a bird’s nest above your door?” The answer to which was, of course, Heck no! But there it was, safe in the wisteria and climbing rose, and complete with that latest must-have accessory for the fashion-conscious nester, plastic lining on the outside. Anyway, that was a couple of weeks ago. Two days ago I looked up (as I have done every day to see the mother patiently sitting there, staring into space), and there was no mother – but there was a beak! They hatched. Very exciting. We’ve only seen beaks, a bit of a tufty head, and I think I saw a back the other day. I nearly saw them being fed today, but I think Mum was too nervy of me standing there to actually feed them. It is a very exciting addition to our World.

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