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I’ve thought this vaguely in the past, but watching the end of season three on DVD solidified it in my head.

TV’s Dr Gregory House is Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes.

No wife/girlfriend; drug habit; musical; detective; slightly antisocial; bizarre techniques.

This can’t be accidental, surely. The writers didn’t have to make House musical, for instance.

What is it about dysfunctional people that make them so fascinating to watch or read about??


Not a place, the series. We got the four discs of season 1 out tonight – it is Friday, after all. Interestingly, we have actually seen the pilot and first episode. The third episode was, however, very good. I’m lookin forward to filling in the gaps – we only started watching it regularly in season 2.

There are few soapie aspects to it, but not too many, thankfully. And House could basically be the archetype anti-hero.


House is one of the weirder anti-heroes out there. Truly – a sociopathic doctor, addicted to pain killers, who likes bossing people around and being truly, brutally honest.

I like it.