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It Might Get Loud

I’m assured it’s not too weird to have a favourite documentary, but it does still feel a bit strange to admit that I have one – and that I’ve watched it more times than I can count. I’m not sure why that seems weird; I guess I don’t know that many people who count non-fiction things as ‘favourite’.

Unknown.jpegI love music history and I love music documentaries. Led Zepellin are my favourite band. I’m a fan of (early-mid) U2, and I quite like The White Stripes. And I love rock music. So Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White in one place talking about the electric guitar, occasionally teaching each other their songs, and each going on a journey with the documentary maker about their journey to being guitar players… I mean, I was always going to love this documentary.

The moment when Jimmy Page starts playing Whole Lotta Love and Edge and White just stare at him in raptures is everything.

They play Seven Nation Army together. And In My Time of Dying. And, although it’s a deleted scene (WHY), Kashmir.

I really enjoy the background pieces for all three, although I believe very little of what Jack White says (it’s fun to watch but I take it all with a liberal fist of salt). The idea of Page playing muzak and simply revolting from sessional music, and Edge’s horror of the Irish troubles leading to Sunday Bloody Sunday; their sheer delight in music and each other and their drive to keep playing and discovering; it’s all magnificent. I could have had a bit more of them together comparing notes, but I guess I can’t have everything.

New LedĀ Zeppelin

Well, new for me anyway. I bought “Presence” – which has Achilles Last Stand (there must be an apostrophe in there…) and Nobody’s Fault but Mine, plus five songs I don’t know; and “In Through the Out Door,” which has In the Evening and All My Love as well as five more songs I don’t know. Pretty good, I reckon.

Led Zeppelin

I just created a new category simply because I want to rave about Led Zeppelin. So, SO cool! I could listen to Led Zeppelin all day and not get bored. In fact, I think I could listen just to Kashmir all day and not get bored – well, not too bored.

How did someone who was barely born in the Led Zep era get so obsessive? Blame the show Dancing in the Streets that was shown on the ABC when I was in Year 12. I loved that show; sucked it up be the strawful; and was heavily influenced. As a consequence, I like Johnny Lee Hooker; I really like Cream; and I love Led Zep. I nearly staed home this weekend just to go to Let’s Zep, a Led Zeppelin tribute band, playing at a pub in Carlton.

I bought the DVD of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page doing MTV in 1995 a couple of weeks ago – I already had the album: wow. Amazing. Sad that Page got ugly, but Plant doesn’t look much different, only older. They did four new songs for the album, and they’re just about my favourites on the whole thing. I also got the Led Zep double DVD of them at 5 or 6 different concerts, plus some TV footage etc. I’ve only watched a little bit of that, since I haven’t really had 5 or so spare hours recently and I figure I should at least watch the entirety of each concert in one sitting, or if remotely possible the entire thing (chances?).

On top of those, I bought Robert Plant’s new album, which I actually haven’t got around to listening to yet; what an indictment. I like that he is still doing stuff – and quite different stuff, I think.

So. Yay. Led Zeppelin.