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Always nice to come home after a couple of days and see how the garden is – particularly at the moment, with bulbs happening. The daffs are looking well; have a couple more bells out, which is nice; and I think the third hyacinth might be growing, which is very odd indeed. The climbing rose is looking nice with its white flowers – Mum feels a bit guilty because we had a hack at it and might have chopped off lots of flower potential. Oh well; can’t have been too unhappy if it’s decided to flower anyway.

Looking at Mum’s and Aunty Allison’s gardens has given me all sorts of ideas. Allison has a very shady spot she’s basically turning into a fernery, but with some other stuff too: I am so going to find myself some helleborus, I love it! And I’m going to try alyssum and violas in the front and just let them go a bit wild. Very exciting. I keep having to remind myself not to do anythign drastic (like remove the hedge) until autumn, when we’ve been here a year and have seen all the garden has to offer. I must also remember to see if I can find a home for the hedge, come ripping-out time. Which reminds me: the possibly-violets in the courtyard, behind the hedge, which I thought J might have killed with the ladder, have ressurected themselves. I rather wondered if they might do that.

Flowers and stuff

Don’t recall whether I mentioned that the hyacinths flowered – 2 out of 3, anyway. That was very exciting, and they smelled fantastic; they’re dead now. Yesterday morning I discovered that I had a miniature daff flowering, and at least one other is on the verge… AND one of the other bulbs also has a flower! Not sure if it’s a Bell or a Moonlight Thing; must check the packets to compare.

In other news, I dug up a struggling azalea today, and I hope it appreciates the efforts I went to in doing that and actually survives; no idea if I got enough root mass, but it was not very happy at all behind the hedge. Neither is the other one, but I haven’t got any more potting mix so it will have to wait. So will the tiger lily seeds which Kate gave me the other day, which was very exciting to come home to – a bromeliad as well, and a fuchsia cutting!! It was such a lovely thing to come home from school to.

Other things are going well. Mum massacred the roses, but they needed it; they are already growing back. New zygo is flowering – old zygo has been a mass of flowers for a few weeks now – coriander is still growing! All very good.


My zygo has flowers! Very exciting. Well, they’re very much buds at the moment, but they will be flowers and there are lots of them. A succulent-y thing which I had thought was dying has also got proto-buds happening, so that will be interesting, and a plant I have to give back to Kate tomorrow has buds too (sigh). A lot of the bulbs are doing well – Mum informs me that yes, they should be growing now and flowering in Spring; however, some of her daffs have decided that now is the season for flowering, so I don’t feel that my plants are nearly so daft. I have some autumnal roses happening (they’ll be winter roses by the time the buds open), and the coriander is mostly still alive which is amazing. Sage is not doing so well; seems to be getting a bit et, actually. The resurrected cyclamen has flowers coming on.

It’s all very exciting.

Hmm… more books

Went to Borders before church; browsed their 75% off table. I don’t know whether I was actually meant to get 75% off the sale price marked on the front of the books… but I did.

Who’s Afraid of Beowulf?
Love it. Tom Holt is often funnier than Terry Pratchett. So literary… so wonderful… look out for the Milk Board… at the price, could simply not be passed up.

A Parrot in the Pepper Tree
I’ve been looking around a bit for this, because I have read Driving over Lemons, Chris Stewart’s first, and I really liked it. It’s about an English couple who decide to go and live on a farm in Andalucia (hmmm… trend… travel-ish books… not that I’m unhappy here, of course).

The Botany of Desire
“A plant’s-eye view of the world,” apparently – apples, potatoes, marijuana (is that really “integral to our everyday lives”?) and tulips, and how they have “survived by satisfying one of humankind’s most basic desires.” I’m a little sceptical of this, but interested to read the histories of the four.

Drinking Midnight Wine
Simon Green… again, love it… have read part of one of his series, Deathstalker, but reluctant to continue because someone (Kate) told me it has a tragic end. Eventually I will have to, because it keeps plaguing me. This promises to be dark and magicky too.

Dan Simmons. I’ve read a book set after this one, not realising it was an ‘after the first set’ book, and I loved it – I almost cried when I finished it, knowing I had both books before and after to find and read. Sad but true. He’s excellent. Actually not a sale book, but I suddenly thought of it and had to get it.

Bulbs who don’t know what’s good for them

I went a bit mad at the Flower and Garden Show a few weeks ago; bought quite a few bulbs, as well as some nice plastic pots. I waited a little while before planting (I bought them at the end of March). Late last week, though, when I was perusing the courtyard, I noticed that a couple of pots had Green Bits in them. For whatever reason, a few of the bulbs have decided it’s time to sprout… I feel they may get quite a shock in a few weeks. AND I had left the hyacinth bulbs until late April/early May, as instructed, and they had started to sprout in the packet! Also, I planted a couple of bulbs in the pot that had had a cyclamen in it. Said cyclamen has now resurrected itself. It will be interesting to see what happens on that front.

Our roses seem to Praying Mantis Land.

My zygo is flowering madly

It was given to me by my dear friend Kate last year, maybe the year before… it has previously had a few flowers, but right now it is flowering like there will be no winter next year. It has almost 20 open flowers, a number of nearly-open buds – which is annoying, since I won’t get to see them for a few weeks – and a few very small buds, which will hopefully only open after I get back. It’s very lovely… and I have been amusing everyone who comes to visit by displaying it proudly. I brought it in from the window just so I could see it easily, and show it off.