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Day 29

Day 29 – Saddest character death

Artax in the Swamp! There is nothing sadder than Atreyu trying desperately to get his horse out of the swamp, and not being able to do it. The movie made me cry every time I watched it (er, numerous times), and the book did too.

Also, the bunnies in Watership Down.

Best/most satisfying character death?
I’m usually pretty happy whenever the bad guy dies. I think, though, that Gollum’s death is best, in a twisted understanding of the word. Despite all the discussion of ‘deserving’ to die from Gandalf etc, he is overall a beastly (if awesome and complex) character. The fact that in dying he also saves the world is a marvellous, tricksy climax on Tolkien’s part.

Of course, if I wanted to read that question differently, I would have to say: Death, in the Discworld. Especially since hearing him voiced by Ian Richardson (“You might think that, but I couldn’t possibly comment”), and imagining him riding a motorbike instead of Binky… yeh, he’s my favourite Pratchett character.


Lashed out last night – bought U2 by U2, and Thud! by Pratchett, since it is at last in paperback. Am reading it at the moment instead of Catch 22, which I am meant to be (re-)reading for a kid at school.

I am particularly, and peculiarly, taken with one of the poems at the start of Thud!. I know it’s there for context etc etc… anyway, I’m not going to justify it, I’ll just copy it out:

Him who mountain crush him no
Him who sun him stop no
Him who hammer him break him no
Him who fire him fear him no
Him who raise him head above him heart
Him diamond

I just like it.