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Blackmail Blend

BlackmailBlend-115x188 IMG_0710Set between A Trifle Dead and Drowned Vanilla, Tabitha once again has complicated boy issues, complicated food issues, and complicated I’m-not-a-detective issues, not necessarily in that order of importance. This time Livia Day has gone suspiciously meta on us, by having the victim of an attempted crime be a glamorous author; the situation is a writers’ retreat. I can’t help but wonder whether she is channelling her own experiences, or vengeful dreams….

As always there is excellent food, although perhaps not quite enough tea. There’s definitely not enough Ceege, although the presence of Xanthippe almost makes up for it, while Nin’s eyebrows only appear once. Tabitha’s discovery regarding high tea is pretty much worth the price of admission, and there is an adequate level of snark.

I read this while drinking Perth Breakfast rather than the specified Blackmail Blend. But that’s because I took Tabitha’s tea to work.


My sister is in to tea in a moderate way. I have a couple of friends who are in to it in a big way. I have been thinking that it would be fun to get in to tea, recently – buy me a teapot, loose-leaf tea, play at being refined… So on Friday I went to T2 in the city. I must admit that this shop was also a factor in deciding to try being a tea snob; I went in with the sis, and it is just such a _nice_ shop! Wood panels, a lovely atmosphere, and ta everywhere… a bit like Dusk for candles, and KokoBlack for chocolate. Anyway, I went and smelled different tea, and looked at the options, and ended up buying their Sixteen Stack. Now, this was moderately expensive, but: you get 16 different types of tea (4 black, 4 flavoured black, 4 green and 4 fruity) in beautiful little tins that I’ll definitely keep, all in a nice big tin… and that day, it was buy one get one free. Score! They are such nice tins that if there are any I don’t like (I am a bit suspicious of Really Russian Caravan, which is apparently very smoky), I will be quite happy at giving them away as presents to those who will appreciate them.

Yesterday I bought a nice teapot, and strainer, and one of those mesh balls you can fill with leaves and just put in one cup (with a dragonfly on the end). I then tried Sencha Vanilla, which was very nice; and this afternoon I had Botanica, which is all apple pieces and raspberry. Lovely.

I think I will enjoy being a tea snob.