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I am ambivalent towards Wednesdays.

Wednesdays are usually quite nice at school – I have either three or four lessons on out of six, which is a good day. Every fortnight I have lunch yard duty, but with Marg and in a not very active (comparatively) area of the school, so it’s pretty painless. It’s also my second last day of school for the week, which is great.

But the next day is Thursday.

Thursday is good because it is my last day at work (this semester, anyway… don’t get me started on that). However, Thursday is bad because I have six on out of six, which is a very long day – for me, much longer than five out of six, quite disproportionately. On the other hand, it finishes with a double of Year 12, and while sometimes they are totally out of it and drive me nuts because they won’t do any work, their version of not doing work is much less painless and generally more fun than the year 8 version. Plus, if they really do no work, I feel bad but not too much: it’s their time, their scores, I’m busting my ass as much as I can and if they don’t put their bit in then they are adult enough (they’d/I’d like to think) that it’s not quite so much my problem. As you can tell from all my hedging, I haven’t entirely convinced myself of that last bit….

And because tomorrow is the last class we’re doing concentrating on Russia, I’ve made raspberry and white chocolate muffins. They were meant to be red but the colour has cooked out somewhat.

Did I mention NatCon? NatCon NatCon NatCon…