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Galactic Suburbia 168: Live from Melbourne!

In which we Continuum all the Continuum! Our live podcast, recorded on the afternoon of June 11 2016, with us still buzzing, inspired and surrounded by cake. Alex has a travel announcement. Alisa is knitting. You can get us at iTunes or Galactic Suburbia.

Continuum 13! We were there!

Seanan McGuire’s Guest of Honour Hour

Likhain’s GOH speech on YouTube & written version. (We hadn’t seen this when we recorded so don’t mention it in the episode but PLEASE read/watch it.)

Rivqa Rafael’s Continuum tweets Storified.

Mother of Invention: our campaign is past $11,000 and still going!


Alisa: Hidden Figures; The Happy Place; Disney on Ice: Frozen

Tansy: Heathers: The Musical/Heathers, Wonder Woman

Alex: Wonder Woman; The Blacklist; Hugo reading: Ninefox Gambit, Yoon Ha Lee; All the Birds in the Sky, Charlie Jane Anders; That Game We Played During the War, Carrie Vaughn;

Q&A: we answer your questions & take on your conversation topics. Thanks SO MUCH to our darling audience, who filled our seats, howled when we needed you to, came up with questions, and stayed blissfully quiet the rest of the time. If you hear a moment of odd, no-context-provided hilarity, just assume something funny has happened involving one of the Galactic Suburbia Gentleman’s Auxilary, or that someone is gesturing with cake.

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Galactic Suburbia 154

In which Wonder Woman and Hillary Clinton both come under fire for being in public while female… get us from iTunes or at Galactic Suburbia.


Wonder Woman turns 75 and becomes a UN Ambassador

Analysis of the protest against Wonder Woman as honorary ambassador on the Mary Sue
Twitter: #wonderwoman75


Alisa: Crosstalk, Connie Willis; Bloodchild, Octavia Butler

Alex: Saga vol 6; Bridging Infinity, ed. Jonathan Strahan; The Martian, Andy Weir; Swarm, Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan and Deborah Biancotti.

Tansy: Verity Down Under, Supergirl, Luke Cage, Class Eps 1 & 2


Don’t forget: Letters to Octavia Butler open for submissions


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Comics: Wonder Woman and Birds of Prey

So yes, I’m getting me some graphic novel lovin’.

I don’t have much background in Wonder Woman and her universe; I knew that her people are Amazons, and that was about it. I don’t know whether the origin story posited here was partly or totally a reboot, etc etc. It kinda doesn’t matter, actually, at least not for my enjoyment of the story. There were obviously bits that didn’t have the emotional impact that it might for long-term fans; I could see it was devastating when friends got hurt, or turned on Diana, but I didn’t feel it as much as I might have. And I certainly didn’t have the GASP reaction that I bet others did when the Big Nasties were revealed. t did feel it, though, when the truth about Genocide was revealed; and I certainly got cranky at Zeus and his great big awesome plans for replacing the Amazons.

So yeh, thoroughly enjoyed this. The story is dramatic and action-filled and angsty in good ways. It’s not heavy on character development, but that’s partly what the pictures are for I guess. And I liked the pictures. Yes Wonder Woman has no pants, but she’s rarely posed in such a way that that’s an emphasis, or a sexy sexy thing. And there is an emphasis on the violence of what she’s confronted with, and the fact that she gets a beating is not shied away from.

Going to get me more Gail Simone WW, I think.

Speaking of Gail Simone…

This is clearly part of an ongoing story about the team called Birds of Prey, but it also works as a stand-alone story about them and their missions. I’ve not read any stories before that feature teams of superheroes going up against super villains, and have really only seen this on the screen in X-Men. I really enjoyed the way that the pictures allowed the fights to be shown both in close-up and panoramically, encompassing the entire fight – something that movies manage and that books just can’t get across in words with much impact.

I liked the characters a lot, even though I struggled to keep track of a few of them (they kinda melded together). However, Oracle really was my absolute favourite: a former Batgirl, now in a wheelchair (… well, in a wheelchair here; I know that NOW they’ve rebooted it and she’s able-bodied again) and with awesome techno-fu. And defending her team from a usurper. She’s brilliant.

Again, I really enjoyed the art – some ridiculous costumes but some not, and usually dealt with as if they’re practical, if that makes sense. I enjoyed the story, and I enjoyed the interactions between the characters too.