Well… we got a betta today

We did some more reading, and decided that the tank should actually be ok. So we got a cobalt blue crown tail, and he is just superb (splendid, in fact). I have named him Hektor, after the glorious Trojan warrior. I put a couple of mollies in there with him. Mum (happy birthday) thinks I’m too cruel for words for doing that, but I figure I don’t want to keep them and there’s nothing else to do with them, so they should be doing something useful. He’s not all that big, though, so I think most of them are going to be too big… although he certainly seemed to be stalking the larger molly I put in there. And I’m pretty sure he took a chunk out of the smaller molly; at any rate she died, and on closer inspection she seemed to be missing her bottom fin. He hasn’t been doing much, which I know is probably him getting used to the place; it could also have to do with the water temperature – there’s no heater, so it’s around 18C; the guy at Coburg said above 15C should be fine.

Later that day

I’ve decided it’s just too cruel to keep him in a tiny and freezing tank, so I’m transferring Hektor to the qt – qt no more! Oh well… =] I think he should be much happier there – and it will be heaps easier to look after, too, rather than having to do frequent and enormous water changes on the tiny tank.

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