Daily Archives: October 11th, 2004

All is not well in the world of fish

Few days ago, I had to move a certain black and white angel into the quarantine tank. He is still alive, but very, very unhappy… seems to have a serious problem with his swim bladder. Read: he is swimming on his side, rather than up the right way. So this is very sad, and I don’t think there is any way of curing him.

Additionally, I have noticed some holes on Ajax’s shell, which is hugely distressing. We checked the levels, and discovered that the water was at about 6 on the pH scale, which can’t have been good for anyone. As well, probably the stress of bring nipped at doesn’t help; nasty angel.


We went to B’s place the other day to watch some movies, and decided on the Star Wars trilogy. J was muttering and complaining for most of the first, something about revisionism because in the remastered versions Greedo shoots first, in the Mos Eisley sequence with Han… (are we sad?). I don’t see what the problem is, but J has some very strong thoughts on the matter. I am often a fan of revisionism; it can lead to some very interesting history, and is at least convenient for pointing out that our interpretation of past events can never be static. However. I must say that there was, in fact, a piece of revisionism that really, really annoyed me. At the end of Return of the Jedi – after everything is just fine – and the ghosts turn up… they have Hayden $%@^ Christensen appearing! Not the original Darth/Anakin! Really, really upsetting.

Hedges and their non-existence

So yes, the hedge no longer exists. At least not in its previous state; instead it is sitting, all roots up, in the middle of our courtyard. We got all excited on the weekend about changing the garden – partly as a result of J giving me The Small Garden Encyclopedia, which gave me – and him – all sorts of ideas. Like building up a pile of soil in a broken terracotta pot and planting bits of succulent, which has turned out pretty well. It also made us interested in changing the courtyard a little more substantially.

Originally, J was wanting to be pretty extravagant – build a deck, extend the garden bed by a metre or so. It turns out, though, that the pavers are attached to concrete, which means both of those things would be quite difficult. So we have settled for pulling out the hedge, which I must say has made a huge difference. Originally we meant only to pull out half of the hedge, so the courtyard looks a bit stupid because only half of it has mulch and new plants. But we figured that, while we were at it, we might as well do the whole thing. J has promised to take the hedge to the “waste reduction centre” before my party on Saturday…

And, hugely exciting, I got some dahlia tubers from a woman at school today… 21 clumps, to be exact. I gave some to other people at school, which was good, and I’ve also planted a few out the front and a stack out the back. Some of them have already started sprouting eyes, which is very cool.