Daily Archives: October 20th, 2004

A crap time to be a fish

– We moved Ajax to the qt to prevent his shell from getting pecked any more.

– Three days ago we noticed some of the Colombian tetras had white bits on them. This has got worse – much worse. I think it’s parasites. It’s not ich or velvet… they stand out, and they spread, and they make the fish a bit berko: not eating, zipping around the tank every now and then… I bought some medication today, but I’m not convinced it will work. The guy at the aquarium said parasites on Colombians was really rare (yeh, great, thanks…).

– Yesterday noticed some of the rasboras weren’t looking that great – an issue with a tail looking a bit nipped. This morning noticed one with only half a tail. Tonight, there are two rasboras against one of the filter inlets (dead, of course).

– The angel with the swim bladder issue is dead. I fished half of him out this afternoon.

– I’m thinking of just getting a betta and having it. Alone, in the entire 4′ tank.