Daily Archives: June 14th, 2005

J plays with camera

fish tank

So this is J playing with his new camera. He did this when he first got it, too, and had some excellent opportunities with angels and even Fido posing for him, but because he wasn’t using a tripod the pics apparently weren’t that good.

I think the fish got annoyed with him and decided to move a lot just as he pressed the button, in this one.

I pruned today. A lot. There is now actually light on the right-hand side; that’s an amzing thing.


While I’m at it I might as well rave that I also am really enjoying Beck’s new album, Guero (which I believe is Mexican slang for ‘white boy’, in a bit of a nasty way). It’s cool – has a range of different sounds in the songs, including some with awesome bass bits, which Beck apparently plays himself, along with the guitar. J thinks that he sounds a bit whiney, but I must disagree. I’ve always liked Beck, ever since he did the theme song for An Ordinary Life, which was a fantastic film that didn’t get the exposure I thought it deserved.

Anyway, so I am expanding my musical horizons.