Daily Archives: June 10th, 2005


I bought two new little ones at the Garden Show, which is exciting – they’re very hardy, so hopefully I won’t kill them. The one Kate gave me seems to like me – it now has its second shoot (I think they’re officially bracts), which is sooo cool. The first shoot still hasn’t had a flower; I’m hoping this will happen sometime. I’m also hoping that I have got three with completely different flowers, because that would be great.

Hitchhikers’ Guide

I liked it. I don’t really mind that much that they changed the story a bit – even putting in new bits – because the story is so completely flipped out that it would be impossible to film in the first place, and then no one would go and see even if it was filmed except for the really hard-core Adams fans, and most of them would be likely to be disappointed anyway. So, my thought is, at least this way they would have got a pretty good audience of both Adams-nuts and others, which might in turn get more people reading the books, which is all good.

I liked Jon Malkovitch is Harma Kavula. He was cool. And the guy who played Zaphod – so, so perfect.

Andromeda Spaceways

Kate told me to look at this website ages and ages ago, because she was hoping to get some stuff published there. It quite seriously took me about 6 weeks to get around to it, because I thought it was going to be this huge site with lots of stories it would take me ages to get through. Turns out instead that it is for a hard-copy, pulpy magazine that publishes short stories and reviews, every two months. I looked at the site and signed up immediately. I got my first one a couple of weeks ago – so cool – it was great fun to read, with some really different and weird stuff in there. I am really, really hooked, and am definitely going to keep at it.

The reason I think that Kate found it in the first place is because Tansy Rayner Roberts is one of the founders. She’s a Tassie writer, our age, who has had two books published which we really liked. Kate is always hoping that she will have more books published, preferably in the same series as the other two, because she likes the (semi-anti) hero, Aragon Silversword. And this from a girl who says she can’t stand Lord of the Rings (Kate, not Tansy).

Deathstalker issues

Well, I finally – finally! – found Deathstalker War, the third in the series, which it took me absolutely ages to find. I read it… and then realised that I did not, as previously thought, have the fourth. More frustrations, but thankfully this one was infinitely easier to find.

The Back Story: I read Deathstalker ages ago, maybe 18 months or something. I loved it, but I couldn’t find the second,¬†Deathstalker Rebellion, for ages. Then I found it – and about 3 others in the series, which I figured I ought to get too – but couldn’t find the third. I tried the usual places… and then realised that I hadn’t been to Minotaur, because the only other time I had dared got there I nearly cried and had to tear myself away from the place before I lost all my money. Anyway, I braved that most dangerous of places, and it was there – hurrah! So I got it, and read it. Then the above saga happened.

Regular Programme: Anyway, I was reading another book when I found the fourth (which doesn’t usually stop me, but it was really good; I’llpost about it later when I remember the author’s name), soI get to start it this weekend – a long weekend – yippee! Much excitement. And I noticed, when I was at Reader’s Feast buying said fourth book, that there is another Deathstalker book, which I don’t have, that is still in large paperback! So I wonder if he is still pushing them out… he’ll have to run out of steam, though, just from what I’ve sneaked on the backs of the books I haven’t got up to yet (yes, I actually bought books I hadn’t read the blurb of; you can’t read the blurb of a story two books removed from where you’re up to, it’s immoral!)

The West Wing

As we were with 24, so we are now with The West Wing. We bought the first half of the first season for David for his birthday; we watched all 11 episodes in less than 24 hours (they are only 40 minutes each) and had to go and buy the full thing. Then J got the second and third seasons for his birthday. On Wednesday night, we reached the end of the third season. So yesterday, J bought series four and five. Hoorah! It’s such a great show – I had often thought it would be good to get into, but it was generally on so late at night here that I couldn’t be bothered. It’s got such clever characterisation, and the story lines are fantastic – it does make me even more worried that real life might actually be like that.

Anyway, we are now Bartlett for President people. And I see no problem in that.