The West Wing

As we were with 24, so we are now with The West Wing. We bought the first half of the first season for David for his birthday; we watched all 11 episodes in less than 24 hours (they are only 40 minutes each) and had to go and buy the full thing. Then J got the second and third seasons for his birthday. On Wednesday night, we reached the end of the third season. So yesterday, J bought series four and five. Hoorah! It’s such a great show – I had often thought it would be good to get into, but it was generally on so late at night here that I couldn’t be bothered. It’s got such clever characterisation, and the story lines are fantastic – it does make me even more worried that real life might actually be like that.

Anyway, we are now Bartlett for President people. And I see no problem in that.

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