Andromeda Spaceways

Kate told me to look at this website ages and ages ago, because she was hoping to get some stuff published there. It quite seriously took me about 6 weeks to get around to it, because I thought it was going to be this huge site with lots of stories it would take me ages to get through. Turns out instead that it is for a hard-copy, pulpy magazine that publishes short stories and reviews, every two months. I looked at the site and signed up immediately. I got my first one a couple of weeks ago – so cool – it was great fun to read, with some really different and weird stuff in there. I am really, really hooked, and am definitely going to keep at it.

The reason I think that Kate found it in the first place is because Tansy Rayner Roberts is one of the founders. She’s a Tassie writer, our age, who has had two books published which we really liked. Kate is always hoping that she will have more books published, preferably in the same series as the other two, because she likes the (semi-anti) hero, Aragon Silversword. And this from a girl who says she can’t stand Lord of the Rings (Kate, not Tansy).

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