Daily Archives: December 1st, 2005

Empire #2

Oooooookay… I am not sure now that I do want to watch this show. It seems that it will be all about poor little Octavian, the weight of saving Rome on his back, and how he overcomes those nasty Republican types. Now, Cassius and Brutus et al may not have been the nicest of people, and sure they were almost certainly more concerned with preserving their own power than preserving whatever the Republic of Rome was meant to stand for, but still!! Octavian, the poor little boy needing looking after? Octavian, the great hero of a mini-series? No, no, no. Bad nasty bad.

Octavian was a power-hungry, ambitious, nasty little man. I am seriously having second thoughts about watching the whole series now. One more episode…


I am watching the first episode of Empire, a new TV series on for the summer. It looks all right, mostly – I like the costumes, and the sets are pretty impressive. It starts with Caesar dying – a fictional slave, Tyrannus, is the main character: he is a gladiator chosen to be Caesar’s bodyguard, but he is distracted – obviously – and isn’t there when It happens. Tyrannus then becomes Octavian’s bodyguard.

However. This is a big However. They say Octavian is Caesar’s nephew. I thought I was going a bit mad for a while, until I found a family tree – I was right – Octavian was actually Caesar’s grand-nephew. It may seem a small thing, but to me it is a fairly significant thing to get wrong. And makes the whole thing taste a little sour, sadly.


I bought a lovely hydrangea the other day, which I was very excited about. It’s a blue one, which means I need to go buy some make-hydrangeas-blue powder, otherwise it will turn into pink hydrangeas, and we can’t be having that. I’ve put it in the lovely terracotta pot Mum gave us as a housewarming present. it used to have the lavender she also gave us, but I’ve taken that out and put it in the front, in the vain hope that a little more sun will make it come back alive… I fear that my hope is illusory, however. I don’t think it actually will come back to life. Very, very sad about that.

The hydrangeas, though. They’re special.