Daily Archives: December 6th, 2005


This is the sequel to Inkheart – I’m sure I’ve raved about Cornelia Funke. I intro’d someone at work to her, he read the first, and then bought the sequel still in hardback (mind you, kids’ books are sooo much cheaper!). He gave it to me, and … well, it is of course brilliant. She certainly doesn’t pull any punches, though. No holding back on tricky issues and not too soppy about some of the characters, either! The feelings of Dustfinger for Resa, and Fenoglio for one of his characters, are certainly not straight forward. I think this is good; it’s real, anyway, which I think is good in a fantasy for kids – helps to think through these things in a less threatening way, or sonething (eh; what do I know).

Aqua Grandparents. Again.

Once again, they have laid eggs when we weren’t looking and they’ve hatched, too. I thought yesterday that they were looking protective, but I didn’t look closely enough. This time they have been laid on the filter intake. And interestingly, there are stacks of unfertilised eggs, too – lots more than there were last time. J wants to save them, but at the moment that would be quite an undertaking – I think that scraping them off the pipe would be more detrimental than beneficial. Maybe when they are free-swimming, if we can get to them before they start dying, or being et.